Dubai Work Visa Updated 2024, High Salary Jobs in Dubai

Dubai Visa approval Dubai visa update 2024
Dubai Visa approval Dubai visa update 2024

Current Situation in Dubai Regarding Work Visas

Top Ten High Salary In Demand Jobs In Dubai

Hope you are well. Thank you very much for your feedback. Many people are asking about Dubai Work Visa Update 2024 and whether the situation regarding Dubai visit visa processing time from Pakistan has improved or not. Visas for Pakistanis have started, so people ask to give them some information about Dubai visa processing time. Also people ask about Dubai visit visas like Dubai visit visa processing time.

Status of Visa Process

Let me start by telling you that the situation is still not right for getting a visa. But the inside news is that very soon the Dubai visa process  is going to be resumed. And if you are willing to come to Dubai and pursue your career and find a job in Dubai, then you have to prepare the documents required for Dubai visa that you will need in the future.

Top Ten High Salary In Demand Jobs In Dubai

Documents Required For Dubai Visa

And I will guide you what those documents are. I will also tell you where you have to get these documents. But before I tell you these things, I will give you a little background on why this happened, and why Dubai put a little full stop for the Asians.

Reasons of Dubai Visa Updates

That many Pakistanis took credit cards in Dubai and UAE and did not complete their instalments on time, which caused a lot of problems. And the UAE finally announced that they will only keep the person who has a graduation degree. I am talking about the managerial post not labour jobs in dubai and people who have degrees should have attestation. Later they started tampering with degrees. Believe me, what will be the worst situation for Pakistanis that these people have started applying on tempered degrees.

Top Ten High Salary In Demand Jobs In Dubai

This is Dubai and you cannot fool them here. There is a system here and they work very professionally. Now when a month has passed, they thought that the things for which they had made the new rules and regulations are still the same.

Investigation Results and Jobs Update

Top Ten High Salary In Demand Jobs In Dubai

Now when they investigated, they found out that these degrees were also being tampered with someone else’s name and details. It is because scanned copies were used in Dubai and UAE, they don’t take the original. They found out that it was not enough. There was a problem due to which they put a full stop temporarily for Asians like Indians and Pakistanis. 

Due to this they put a full stop, they said, what are you doing, whether you are a bachelors, whether you are a master’s or a PhD, wait for a while, be patient, let us adjust our system a little, then brother, these are the reasons when you If you miss use of a facility, then there is a test on this country.

Jobs Documentation Process

Now if want to find best jobs from Pakistan with high salary, then it is very important to know what documents you should have. If you are applying for a managerial post, you should not to go as an assistant in accountants, like latest white collar jobs Dubai.

Degree Attestation For Dubai Visa

Top Ten High Salary In Demand Jobs In Dubai

If you want overseas jobs in Dubai, your degrees should be attested. We will guide you where you will get your degrees attested. First you have to get your degree attested from HEC. It is a very easy procedure. If you don’t understand, go to YouTube and watch a video, you will know how to attest your degree from HEC and which degree to get attested. For example, if you have a Masters degree, try it. Get your BSc and Masters degrees which are under HEC to be attested. So your degrees should be attested until their policies are settled for new jobs in Dubai. After that you have to get your degrees attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MOFA). It also takes time. It’s done on the same day. There’s nothing to worry about.

UAE Consulate Attestation

After doing these two things, you have to take your degrees to the UAE Consulate where their office is located. There is a UAE office, you go there, submit your application fee and also get tested from the UAE consulate. If you have these three attestations, what will happen now if you come here with a visit visa?

Avoid Overstaying

Now they ask me what to do in my head, should I get the visa extended. If you take my advice, I will never advise you to extend your visit visa. It is the government of UAE, they don’t care if they don’t open it for three months, it does matter to you. But please don’t stay here illegally, don’t overstay. its damage is not only on you, but on the whole country. Over stay fine in Dubai is also huge.

Advice For Dubai Job Seekers

So please if your visa is expiring my suggestion to you is take a ticket go back and wait for a good time to come again. Now you say that sir my money is lost. Money is not wasted in life, money comes to teach you something. You have spent two months here, you have spent three months here, you are going to learn by yourself, you are going to see the environment here. Now next time when you come, you will come with very good preparation. You will have knowledge about Dubai Work Visa Update . You will come with your documents and Insha Allah you will be successful.

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