My Introduction

Welcome back to “Best Jobs”. My name is Shilpa, and by the way, I live in Germany. I can tell you that I’m in Dubai right now. Here are the tallest buildings in the world, like Burj Khalifa and Tall Houses. And I’m here in Dubai now. I will completely guide you that how can you find a job in Dubai, how you can apply for it and how can you secure your job. Let me tell you how to go to Dubai from India. There are also opportunities to study and work in Dubai and UAE. I will briefly guide you on how your life will be here after coming to Dubai. And because I am talking about Dubai, it is necessary to speak about everything here.

Life In Dubai For Indian

Let’s start! Now, first of all, we say that if you have to move to any country, the first question is why it has to be done. Then you will ask how to move any other country. So I will tell you the advantages of Dubai. The most significant benefit is that there is no tax in Dubai. That means Zero tax.  So, people usually pay taxes on themselves in every country, but Dubai does not charge you taxes. Suppose you have a package of 1 crore; then literally 1 crore rupees will be in your account.  It is not the case that the government will take 40 lakhs and 60 lakhs will be given to you. That is a massive advantage because you are on your own, and it gives you many opportunities in Dubai.

Top 10 High Demand High Paying Jobs In India 2024

How Can You Save Money in Dubai

Top Five high Salary Jobs in Dubai and Uae

It depends on whether you want to live in a prominent area or in a house. How much you want to spend on food, you will get the range of varieties, so it’s in you. You can save like you want. If you want to save more, you will save more.  If you want a luxurious life, then you can also get those opportunities in Dubai.

Advantages Of Living In Dubai

The second most prominent advantage is that in Dubai. You get the best of both worlds, which includes international travel and local life.  You will not miss India at all. I feel like it literally means that Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Nepalis run Dubai. All these people are here.  You will get answers from the people in your language. You can see it is multicultural. So, it does not mean that only Asians will be seen; Europeans and Americans will also be seen here in the UAE. You will listen to different types of people and languages here.  And will get what you want to see and what nationality you want to see. So you will get it here, and again, it is very well maintained.

Top 10 High Demand High Paying Jobs In India 2024

Cultural Diversity In Dubai

It gives us a very international feel. There are high-rise buildings; there is so much skyline. You know, it seems like Dubai has brought the best of the world and kept it here. You will get food, you will get people, you will get many working activities.They will not miss India at all now. The Indian community is also huge, so you can enjoy festivals, make friends, etc. You can live in your desired place, but it might be expensive.  The beach is also visible on one side, which means that Dubai is small anyway. So even if you live far away, you don’t live too far. This means you can cover almost everything within a distance of 15-20 minutes.

Productivity And Side Hustle

Top 10 High Demand High Paying Jobs In India 2024

I have been in Dubai, so I mean, I’m sharing my experience. Everything is available in Dubai, and other small things, like salon services, are affordable.  If you meet, then it is not that you do not know the struggles of Western life. Those who work in the house can focus on other activities and jobs in their free time.  The productivity, if you want to do something else, side hustle, etc., then you can give it your free time.

Safety and Security

And the best thing about Dubai is that the first place in the world from Dubai is here in security and guarding. I met a lot of people and asked whether it had ever happened, like incidents of theft, etc. If you look at the specifics of the girl, like the girl or a child, the fact is that I am also here. According to my calculations, it is very safe to get a job, work, and live in Dubai. What is the concern of safety? Everyone has said that you should be safe here at all times.

Our Experience During Stay

In fact, we have had two such experiences during our trip to Dubai. One time, I left my phone in the taxi. The taxi driver called us himself to say that our phone was left in a cab. Once my brother’s phone had fallen, the taxi driver went to my brother’s. He looked for us as we were walking around with a little bit of carry-on. We left our bags everywhere to move around for a while, but it didn’t seem stressful at all. And that’s what so many on the internet do.

There is information about this because the laws in Dubai are stringent. No one here even thinks that you can do something like that. And this thing can also be a little for you. But that’s to ensure your safety. In Dubai, there are guards everywhere and cameras everywhere, so there is nothing to worry about. It’s very safe, so that’s the best thing about Dubai. And you must be thinking that Dubai seems like something other than Arabic-dominated. In terms of language, let me tell you that it is not a matter of tension. I have already said to you that Hindi is spoken a lot.  

Jobs in Dubai

Top 10 High Demand High Paying Jobs In India 2024

Before we move to procedure of finding best jobs in Dubai; here is the list of Top 10 High Demand High Paying Jobs In India 2024. It is like day-to-day life, but if you talk about jobs, then all the jobs are almost done in English. You will also find plenty of other people’s nationalities in Colleagues, among others. Because there are people from every country, people are working here. You will feel a little in the right place. So, I have told you about the advantages. Agreed that now I have to go to Dubai. So it would help if you thought about how you can come here.

How to find a job in Dubai

If you have no job, then who will allow you to live here? That is also true. Finding a job in Dubai is a challenging task. You can get a tourist visa here, which usually is for three months. You can stay here, and after that, you can find a job that suits you. It means that the tourist wants to work or find a job visa. Dubai allows it, and the tourist visa is given for three months, and it can also be extended up to nine months, which is a job seeker visa.

Top 10 High Demand High Paying Jobs In India 2024

Many countries in Europe provide job seeker visa. But what happens in Dubai is that they offer it for two to four months. It has different requirements for two months and four months. Again, you are here to see their particular jobs, so you will stay here and look for employment for yourself. Whatever visa requirements, etc., are on their official websites. 

How to Apply for Job in UAE

The site is mentioned here. So you can check yourself which category of visa you want to apply for. Now, how do you look for the Job? Believe me, if you’re going to take any job from India, which many people get, then you can also follow my instructions to get a Job in Dubai. Then, how to apply for the Job. Gulf Talent or London is bestie; these are some websites from which you can apply for jobs in Dubai. And not in Dubai, as I heard referrals are very popular. If you have any relative or referral in any company, then the applicant refers you for the work he is doing there. Then, it becomes easy for you to get a Job in Dubai or the UAE.

How to get a referral for Job

you may be thinking, why would an employee refer me? There are some companies that even if the employees refer a known good candidate, he gets selected. Then he works for a few months. They are given a referral bonus, which means that they are also benefiting from the referral bonus. So, people refer to them. Otherwise, on LinkedIn, refer them and add the employees of the companies you want to work in. You can message them to say that you are looking for a job, and it would be great if they could refer you. You can share your CV with your profile; it will help you network and more. 

Top 10 High Demand High Paying Jobs In India 2024

Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile

You will make your LinkedIn profile very impactful. Make it stand out, just like you make your CV. In the same way, on Linkedin, add your top projects where you have made some impact on the company. Check out all the lists because if you send a message to any HR manager or employee, of course, they will go through your LinkedIn profile first, so they should think about that. This means that this profile has some impact. If candidates are worthy, then they will invest their time and energy in it. So make sure that your LinkedIn profile is also up to date at once.

ATS friendly CV

Secondly, you have to pay attention to make it ATS friendly. I can tell you that ATS is an applicant tracking system that is being used by 95 percent of companies these days. Then, they throw it into the computer database. As you know, it is the era of AI. Then, they apply the applicant tracking system. Also, whatever the job description is, they match all the keywords with your CV.

Then, whatever means the best match CV, they rank it. HR is at the top. Also, they only go through the ones that are ranked above, and all others are going to be rejected. So, if your CV is rejected, apply relevant keywords one by one to the job description. When you are doing it, take the data from their job portal, create a CV, and then apply for the Job in Dubai.

How to settle in Dubai

So now you have come to Dubai, you have also seen the Job here, and now you want to settle here. Then you must think that you have gotten the job, but what is the status of the visa? Does it give or not give the passport? How can your family and children come? I will tell you about that too. Dubai gives a green visa in which you can invite your family, like your wife and children, along with you.

You can invite your parents and brothers and sisters with you; it means duration, etc. You can check it again from their official website. After that, you will be concerned about your PR and passports. Will Dubai give it? No, it won’t give it. Do you know? They may start giving it in a few years, but it is not yet a possibility.

Golden Visa Opportunity

Top 10 High Demand High Paying Jobs In India 2024

Dubai gives the golden visa, which was previously only possible through investment. It can be availed of by working professionals and students, too. Believe me, if you are a working professional, not everyone will get it, but if someone like you falls in this category and leaves your science, is a doctor, an engineer, an athlete, and there are many on the list. By fulfilling all the requirements, working professionals can get a golden visa for 10 years through their Jobs without any investment or money.

All Necessary Websites for Jobs

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