Top Five high Salary Jobs in Dubai and Uae

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In this Blog, I will talk about the top 5 high-paying jobs, the salaries you will earn, and living expenses in Dubai. In today’s job article, we will discuss the highest-paying jobs in Dubai as a fresher. What are the jobs that you should be applying for? What are the jobs that you should be looking at in Dubai? Which jobs are the highest paying jobs? So, without further ado, let’s directly jump into it amongst the highest-paying jobs.

Top Five high Salary Jobs in Dubai and Uae

Digital Marketing Jobs In Dubai

Number one is Digital marketing. In Dubai, digital marketing in Dubai has started to become the hub for marketing worldwide, and when we talk about salaries, the salaries start from 80000 to one lakh Dirhams. For a fresher, 80,000 to 1 lakh. So that is somewhere around 16 lakh Indian rupees to 22 lakh Indian rupees; 21 points something like Indian Rupees.

A digital marketing expert’s salaries are outstanding in Dubai if you plan to study from Dubai. The universities that you should actually be aiming for are the First Middle East University and Birmingham University, so these are very good universities in Dubai for digital marketing jobs.

Top Five High Salary Jobs In Dubai and UAE

Now, what exactly would you be doing in distant marketing? You would be helping other companies grow, smaller companies grow. And ideally, when you locate it from the perspective of Dubai, they do not have their own companies that would need digital marketing. But they are usually outsourcing this to other countries, mainly Europe and the US. So, when we talk about digital marketing, it can be a very lucrative career Option.

Lawyers Jobs in Dubai

second is lawyers. And lawyers are required in UAE. I’ll tell you one thing: as an international person, a person who does not have a UAE passport. I am not talking about residency or passport, which are challenging to get. Impossible to get. You cannot go And fight cases in court, but there is something called a different code.

You can go and fight cases there to become a lawyer and fight cases in the difc code. This ends up giving you an excellent decent salary of 20000 to 25000 dirhams, which is four lakh to five lakh Indian rupees per Month, and you just need three years of work experience plus a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree plus three years of work experience, and you can go, and there’s a play.

They’re skydiving right now. I don’t know if you can see that or not. Okay, sorry I got distracted. But continuing with the topic, you can get a decent salary of twenty thousand to twenty-five thousand dirhams, four lakhs to five lakh Indian rupees per Month. If you have three years of Experience, you can apply for a disc code.

Supply chain management Jobs in Dubai

The following job you can look into is Supply chain management in Dubai. Ideally, Dubai has become a logistical hub of the world, and supply chain management is at the top of it. Now, supply chain management can actually give you good, very good results.

Top ten high in demand jobs in dubai and UAE

Which degree do you need for it? A bachelor’s in commerce is all you need for this supply chain management has more to do with Experience. And what salary can you expect as a fresher; you can expect 60000 dirhams to 80000 dirhams, which is 12 lakh rupees to 14 lakh rupees in Indian Currency. And in fact, 16 lakh rupees in Indian Currency that you can be earning in Dubai as a fresher. Now, obviously, you’ll not start with a supply chain manager, but anything in the supply chain can actually yield you good results from the beginning itself.

Doctors Jobs in Dubai

Doctors in Dubai, the next one is doctors. And I do not need to explain it. Doctors are the highest paying salaries across the spectrum. Yeah, so they can be earning somewhere between three lakh rupees per Month to 20 lakh. And in fact, more than that also per Month, so that’s what a doctor yields to you in Dubai. But to become a doctor, you need to have a five-year MBBS degree plus a one-year internship in a teaching hospital and two years of internship in a non-teaching hospital.

Finance And Accounting Jobs In Dubai

Finally, we have accounting and finance.
Accounting and Finance in Dubai – (for CFA) I am already planning to write a blog on accounting and finance. And which degrees you should be doing in Dubai. If you plan to come for accounting and finance, you might find that video link somewhere here if that has been uploaded. The degrees that you should be looking out for are CPA and CFA.

These are the two golden degrees that I would talk about. These are really in demand in Dubai. Apart from that, you can also look out for Acca, and there are a few other certifications I would recommend you to read this blogif you’re a finance student because I would have uploaded that on my other Blog of Finland. You can earn anywhere from 2 lakh rupees per Month.

And it can go up sky is the limit, investment bankers; with all that being said, what is the expense that you will be having entirely Living expenses in UAE in Dubai and UAE in general so if you’re planning to live in Dubai. There are a couple of areas that you can be looking into so if you’re looking to live in a very cheap area so you can look for dera Dubai. There you will be spending somewhere around sixty thousand to seventy thousand or in fact eighty thousand Indian rupees.

Expenses Of Living In Dubai

Sixty to eighty thousand is the range that you’ll be spending in a very cheap area in Dubai. Then, you can move towards a partial locality, a better locality. There you can be spending one lakh Indian rupees per Month, which is your expense. If you want, you can actually live for dirt cheap as well in Dubai. There are opportunities and avenues to do that.

Why some areas are cheaper than Dubai

But I’m just giving you a brief idea for a person who spends somewhere around 3000 to 40000 in Indian rupees. One might just be spending twice that in Dubai, then. If you move to Abu Dhabi, it would be compared. It is expensive, but comparatively, the end amount that you’ll be paying will be just be lesser. Because there are other things where it becomes cheaper. So ideally, everywhere you will see that Abu Dhabi is expected to be more expensive than Dubai. But in terms of the entire living cost I would say Abu Dhabi is slightly cheaper than Dubi. This is my personal Experience. Then you can move to Sharjah. It is very affordable in fact the cheaper areas in Dubai are equalent as compared to areas of Sharjah.

And then there are other emirates there is Russell very reasonable so there are other emirates of Dubai. As other emirates of united Arab emirates as well so which are actually very and not that cheap but very affordable. And in terms of Indian cost of living you might not be spending a lot there. So with that all being said I hope this Blog was helpful and finally I’ll ask you to do the only thing that I invite you to do is hit the share button below the article and hit the subscribe button also also also also also if you are interested in more such informative blogs I would actually recommend you to Read this article definitely. And if you want to Explore, Compare and Shop Visit