Top Ten High Paying In Demand Jobs In Dubai

highest salary and high paying jobs in dubai

Best Jobs In Dubai

Do you know why are many people migrating to Dubai UAE in search of greener pastures before we talk about the top 10 High in demand jobs in this great country, working? In the United Arab Emirates, it is the best way to move your career forward, paving the way for new opportunities and greater responsibility.

Dubai is soon going to become a global hub for business and is already the Middle East’s prime location for commerce and enterprise. Earnings are tax free in the UAE, meaning you don’t need to pay for taxes. The weather in Dubai is favourable for a living- Dubai has average of almost 342 sunny days every year, so that you can plan a picnic or barbecue or a party without worrying about the weather conditions.

Dubai has a strong economy, and its currency, the Emirati Dirham (AED), has always remained stable and robust, particularly when compared with the US dollar ( American) or pound. When this is combined with the consistant growth in GDP of around 5% every year; it makes Dubai one of the some rare financially stable destinations in the whole world. Dubai has the best healthcare facilities and the best of highly trained doctors and nurses.

Top 10 High in Demand Jobs in Dubai

Now, let’s look at the top 10 high in demand jobs in Dubai in 2024.

Top ten high in demand jobs in dubai and UAE
Top ten high in demand jobs in dubai and UAE

Administrative Roles

The first on the list is the Administrative Assistant. Administrative Assistants One of the top 10 High demanding jobs in Dubai is the role of an Administrative assistant. Suppose you are looking forward to working in Dubai as an Administrative assistant. In that case, you are on the right path to success because so many organizations and companies in Dubai are looking for passionate and dedicated administrative personnel to handle their administrative tasks, especially in the role of operations.

You can find a vast range of opportunities for a great future and a chance to get a high in demand job. This is one of the the best jobs in the UAE and Dubai to get you started since it is relatively found everywhere in the UAE.

Top Companies Hiring

They can work in top companies like the

  • Al Shafar Group,
  • IYCON,
  • Etisalat,
  • Alpha Group,
  • Dow, and many more.

Marketing and Social Media

The next on the list is Marketing and social media specialists. Marketing and social media specialist If you’ve been looking forward to work as an SEO specialist or guru, or any field of marketing and social media, Dubai is definitely the best place to kick start and take your career to the next level.

Top ten high in demand jobs in dubai and UAE

According to findings, new companies and markets are launching in the UAE, so they require passionate and dedicated social media specialists to market their brands using aggressive online marketing techniques and Social Media. Online Business promotion remains the key to success for any company, and social media is one of the perfect platforms for effective online promotion.

Top Companies Hiring

They can work in top companies like

  • EDS company Dubai,
  • FZE UAE,
  • Bruce Clay Inc. Dubai,
  • Amplify Dubai,
  • Smart Click UAE,
  • Edirect and more.

Hospitality and Tourism

The next on the list is Hospitality and Tourism Hospitality and Tourism jobs are hotcakes in Dubai. Why? Because people all over the world prefer coming to Dubai for Tourism unlike other countries. So, when it comes to Hospitality and Tourism, Dubai is one of the best places in the world, and that’s why jobs in these industries are in higher demand in Dubai.

Actually, the UAE is currently welcoming and appreciating many tourists to their country, and many things are becoming normal, that means there are many job opportunities and chances to work for them. These areas of jobs are among the in demand businesses and are major contributors to the growth and development of the Emirates.

Human Resources and Recruitment

The next on the list is the Human Resource and recruitment specialists. HR and recruitment specialists: Without HR personnel, recruitment seems impossible. Now that Dubai is becoming a country with good employment opportunities, the demand for Human resources and recruitment personnel will increase.

Human resource jobs in the Emirates are required in almost every company so that it will maintain its importance and rising opportunities. This requirement will keep increasing for a large number of companies and industries, whether most of the startups are long-standing companies in the UAE.

Top Companies Hiring

They can work in top companies like

  • Arabian Hospitality UAE,
  • Facility Supply Dbai,
  • LLC United Arab Emirates,
  • Al Khaja Hospitality LLC,
  • Nirvana Travel and Tourism Dubai,
  • Rayna Tours and Travels Dubai,
  • Hospitality Catering Establishments and many more.


The next on the list is Engineer. Engineer Like they always say, “Engineering is the backbone of industrialization”. Dubai is a highly industrialized and technologically driven country. The demand for engineering jobs is very high in almost every part of the UAE. Most of the UAE’s companies use sophisticated equipment that can only be operated and maintained by those with the right training and knowledge (the Engineers). Moreover,

Engineers also get the advantage of getting big salaries and huge amounts; if someone chooses Petroleum or Chemical Engineering as their livelihood, for example, you would definitely find great job opportunities in Dubai, especially in the UAE. Petroleum and Chemical Process Engineers are very popular in Gulf countries like Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain; the UAE is Particular. This is because of the large amounts of oil present in Dubai.

Top Hiring Companies

Engineers can work in top companies like

  • Dubai Petroleum Cooperation,
  • Altran,
  • ADP Ingenierie,
  • Bin Ghalib Engineering,
  • National Petroleum Construction Company
  • and more.

Finance and Analysis

The next on the list is the Financial Analyst. Financial Analyst: A financial analyst is in charge of all the financial analyses in a company. If your field of study is accounting and finance, and you are seeking for your bright future, Dubai has a place for you. The career is steadily rising.

And It will remain one of the highest paying jobs in Dubai and the UAE. Having accountants forecast revenues and costs is the backbone of any successful institution; that’s why they are in high demand. Dubai is known for having a wide range of malls, marts, shops, and companies that unendingly need and require accountants.

Top Hiring Companies

Financial analysts can work in top companies in Dubai like

  • Boston Consulting Group,
  • MPH Consulting Services,
  • Cisco,
  • Goldman Sachs
  • and more.

Business Development and Sales

Next on the list are business development and sales specialists. The sales department is a crucial department in any business setting in the world. Why? Because the sales people are the ones responsible for bringing in customers to the business, meaning without consumers, there will be no transactions, and without transactions there will be no cash flow to keep the business running. Keeping businesses on track requires continuous development of the job plans.

top ten high salary jobs in Dubai And UAE

The UAE job market has a huge necessity for business development and sales roles. The reason is simple the government is allowing international investors and entrepreneurs to start their businesses with no need for local partners. If you have experience or the skills of working as a salesperson, developing a business plan, or managing a team, don’t hesitate to apply for those roles. They’re among the most demanding jobs in the UAE.

Top Companies Hiring

Sales personnel and business developers can work in companies like

  • GEC,
  • MCRC,
  • Occidental,
  • Al Futtaim in Dubai.

Software Development

This career is expected to boost the rising number of tech startups in Dubai. It is among many other in-demand jobs in Dubai for 2024. Furthermore, the consistent growth of companies in Dubai and UAE. To Stay updated visit

top ten high salary jobs in Dubai And UAE

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